I saw a story on the news about a man who was upset that his son’s school didn’t inform him of his child’s scoliosis. I felt for the man. He was frustrated. Confused. He wanted answers. And he reminded me of my dad, who described the way he felt when I was diagnosed as “a feeling of total helplessness”. What do you do? How do you address something going on with your child’s spine that makes no sense? This post is an attempt to bring some peace of mind to your heart.


scoliosis diagnosis

Step 1: Talk to your child
They are learning from you and taking your lead. So if you’re freaked out and scared, they will be freaked out and scared too. This is a growth opportunity to help them see the importance of listening and responding to their body’s needs. It’s an exercise in self-love and health management.

Step 2: Do research
Find specialists in your area that you trust. Ask for referrals and talk to your friends and family. You might know someone who’s been through scoliosis treatments themselves.

Step 3: Determine the right direction for your child

Mix and match based on what you know about your child’s needs physically and emotionally

Some treatment options:


Step 4: Look at your child’s nutrition intake

Through research, they’re discovering how calcium and Vitamin D could aid in scoliosis treatment

Step 5: Keep them hydrated.
Drinking more water is something you might not hear from your healthcare provider, but in my opinion, it’s the most important thing you can do.

Step 6: Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing sooner
You know now. If you’re reading this, you are an incredible, caring, nurturing parent. And a lot of other parents have been in your exact shoes. Things will be ok. You and your child will be ok.

Perspective is key. This is a manageable condition and is not life threatening. Contrary to what you might come across, there is nothing “wrong” with your child. I mean that in the sense that they are not their body. Their identity should not be wrapped up in what their body is going through. They are your beautiful child who is embarking on a journey of healing. You will help them get there through faith, love and patience.

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