Under the care of an integrative specialist, I’ve been advised to eat organic whole foods as much as possible. There’s a strong sentiment out there that organic is really expensive. I can’t say that’s been my experience in buying produce, but I think my approach may be a little different than the norm. I tend to spend much less when I shop this way than when I shop for conventional groceries.

I really enjoy going to markets that are dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables. They tend to have the best prices and I enjoy the shopping experience so much more.

organic vegetables

$27.50 – straight from the farm

For those living in the Midwest, these are my top picks:

During the growing season, I’ve been getting the majority of my produce from One Farm and I supplement by going to Natural Grocers that only sells organic produce. Whole Foods is my last resort and comes in handy for anything that is a little tougher to find. This way of shopping takes the thinking out of what I eat and I can trust what I’m buying. One Farm identifies itself as “chemical free” and goes into detail as to why they are classified as this. I appreciate their openness regarding their growing practices (http://www.one-farm.com/home/how-we-grow-it/growing-practices) and love that I am able to work directly with the owner. Danelle is absolutely delightful.

organic vegetables

$31 – straight from the farm

Don’t all the pretty colors just lure you in?? I love love love picking out produce.

How do you shop for fresh whole foods? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to learn from your tips and tricks!!