Happy Scoliosis Awareness month!! It’s been a gorgeous June. Life has been pleasantly un-busy which has allowed me to get back to some much needed ‘me’ time. Taking time to enjoy things I truly love always seems to fall to the wayside when life throws me curveballs or gets super busy. So in an attempt to regroup, I’ve begun going to the library more frequently, discovering new delightful things at the grocery store and making my home a safe haven to recharge. Below are some things I am absolutely loving right now and I’m hoping you see something you might enjoy too!

library books

READING // The Clasp

Evening reading is one of my favorite ways to end the day. I spend the last waking hour of my day curled up in bed with a book. I recently began reading The Clasp and it has not disappointed. It is delightfully funny and gives me a good mental break from life before drifting off. I picked it up randomly at the library and wasn’t sure what to expect. After diving in, I love that I never could have guessed where the author is taking me in this story. The bright cover caught my attention. Talk about a great find.

EATING // Vegan Tikka Masala

Trader Joe’s makes this frozen tikka masala dish that is beyond delicious. I can’t believe how yummy and inexpensive it is. I get a few of them each week as an easy thing to grab for lunch if I don’t have any leftovers from the night before.

LOVING // Essential Oil Diffuser

One of my besties gave me an essential oil diffuser for my birthday and it is life right now. I just add water and a few drops of essential oils and let it fill the room with tranquility. I’ll be honest, I usually stand right next to the diffuser to savor the scents. I’ve found myself using lavender the most.

LISTENING // Thunder by Imagine Dragons

The video is a little… weird. But I am absolutely loving this song right now :)


What are you reading / eating / loving / listening to?