When I saw my chiropractor last month I noticed that my body wasn’t staying in the healing state as long as it used to. I asked my doc if there were some stretches I could do. He said there are, but they wouldn’t help much and that it’s really about posture. Light bulb and cue embarrassing laughter. My desk posture was bad. I was the reason my body was holding on to unnecessary tension. So I setup my desk to be more ergonomic by raising my laptop on a stand so it is at eye level, using a wireless mouse and keyboard, and lowering my desk so that my arms are at a 90* (well it’s more like a 108*, but ya know, baby steps). And then the biggest change. I stopped crossing my legs while I worked.

It sounds like a small thing, but it actually took quite a bit of effort to stop crossing my legs while I sat at my desk. I didn’t realize how often I did it until I tried to stop. Now I never cross my legs at work and I think my body is a lot better for it.

I knew crossing your legs was bad for circulation, but I did not know crossing your legs has been linked to causing back and neck pain. We may be putting added pressure on our lower spine and not realizing it.

I can’t say that change is monumental, but I can say that I am noticing a difference in how I feel at the end of the day and that is enough to encourage me to keep my sitting style in check.

The three reasons that keep me motivated:

  1. Reduces pressure placed on lower spine
  2. Prevents back and neck pain
  3. I feel better at the end of the workday

Do you find that you cross your legs often when sitting? What, if anything, changed when you stopped?